Walking By Faith

So I decided to do everything that scares me and drop a product, I’m nervous for many reasons.

First I don’t know how to run a store. 

Second Why is my shipping costs so high?!

Third Will I receive love and support from my peers, will I be sitting here with boxes of product?

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love to talk about God lol I am a little obsessed to be honest, fight me...

I had to take a step back and step out on faith this time, you may not know I have been sitting on the idea of a lash line for about a year and a half, overthinking. God took the time to sit me down and say, “Baby girl, you think I gave you this idea for you to sit on and not act on it? Surrender the control you crave and make me the CEO. You guys that was the best conversation I could have with my father because I let go, I left my agency and the same day my samples came, BOOM A SIGN! Then the money to order the lashes mysteriously appears in my account, ANOTHER SIGN! So I made the order, then I start wearing them with out even giving a hint that I’m considering this new venture, AND BOOM ANOTHER SIGN HAPPENS! You guys! Yes YOU!! Started asking me whose lashes are these? Where can I find these? Is this your lash line? Wow I’ve been looking for lashes like this? And so many more affirmations to confirm that YES, the support is there and you will be ok Camara.


I’m writing this short blog to remind you that even though things may not happen on your time, the doubt kicks in, pray about it ask God to take over and to actually show you he’s taking over, then the last thing to do is trust him.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for the support and love, you guys push me to keep going in this hard freelancer life. I hope this post inspires someone to go out and be great today! Tomorrow! All Year!